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A Kingdom of Unity, Harmony, Growth, Acceptance and Gnomes

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Be Who You Are Meant To Be

ABOUT the kingdom of gnome

Founded: April 28th, 2011

Welcome to The Kingdom of Gnome!
We are a Kingdom pushing for a better world for all.
Though aspects of this Kingdom may seem crazy... it's all real.

Founded by a man who has a strange history with Gnomes; this is the only Country we are aware of that recognizes Gnomes as legal citizens... (So get your Gnome friends Citizenship!)


We hope that through this bold journey of further establishing ourselves in the Global arena, that we will be able to help highlight and bring attention to horrors that plague this planet; such as Mass Deforestation, the modern-day Slave Trade and much more.

We currently offer Free Citizenship applications for You and any Gnomes living with you. You can also learn how to be an elected Mayor!

Become a Citizen so you can stay up to date with all the epicness we have coming!


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