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History of the Kingdom

Our Kingdom comes from humble beginnings. 
In the Summer of 2007, a 15-year-old boy and his friend were walking around the neighborhood. While on this walk they saw a Gnome being forced to work in a lawn that it had no desire to be in. These boys gathered their courage and devised a plan to rescue this Gnome; one of these boys was our King. 

Little did they know, that this act of compassion would spark a local revolution of Gnomes everywhere being liberated. On the King's 16th birthday, his friends asked him to come out to one of their cars.... to his surprise they had liberated about 100 Gnomes! Over the years it became an annual tradition to liberate more and more Gnomes.

Then in April of 2011, our King created the Kingdom of Gnome. A Kingdom where Gnomes would be respected like Humans. 

Fast forward to July 24th, 2013. With hundreds of Gnomes living with the King, some of them desired to return to the wilderness. So the King and a couple of close friends brought 17 of them to Mount Pilchuck. This day of liberation is now recognized as an official holiday of the Kingdom, "Gnome Freedom Day". 

Unfortunately, though that day took a terrible turn and started the Kingdom's first war. The Gnome War: Battle of Mount Pilchuck

Throughout the following years, the King grew his Kingdom of Gnomes, found international fame for his music, got married, had kids.... and is now ready to expand this Kingdom further and greater than ever. The Kingdom of Gnome is now opening its borders to let more people (and Gnomes) who have pure hearts in.

To learn more about the King and the charitable work of this Kingdom
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