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The Kingdom of Gnome does not wish to be in any war; though we recognize that many species have not evolved enough to have war be a thing of the past.

Our Kingdom is open to supporting allies if called upon for the right reasons. Learn more at our Diplomatic Policy Page

Battle of Mount Pilchuck:

On the 24th of July, 2013, King Brett and a couple of his closest friends planned a hike to the top of Mount Pilchuck. 17 Gnomes living with the King asked to come along to start a new life on the mountain. King Brett secured these Gnomes in two backpacks and, one by one, placed them on different parts of the Mountain, some in the forests, some in the fields, and some at the very top inside the watchtower.  Inside the watchtower, "Gnome Freedom 7-24-2013" was written on a beam to memorialize this day that Gnomes were given the choice of where they wanted to live. (Every 24th of July shall be recognized as "Gnome Freedom Day").

About a month later, on the 22nd of August, 2013, the King and another human friend hiked the mountain again to check on the Gnomes. None were found except towards the top of the mountain…. the smashed remains of a couple of brave Gnomes. The King rushed to the top of the mountain to see if any survivors were in the watch tower…. to the King's horror, someone had carved over his "Gnome Freedom" message and changed it to "Gnome Oppression Down With The Gnomes." At this moment, the King knew something more must be done to unite Gnomes and Humanity. Our King left another note in the watchtower on that day, "Return the Gnomes, This Means War!"

This war will not end until justice is served to whoever was behind this attack!

War against Archons/ Negative Reptilians/ NWO

After years of preparation and enemy research, King Brett officially declared war against the New World Order (Illuminati), Archons and Negative Extraterrestrial/ Interdimensional beings in the Summer of 2013.

The war started with the formation of our Kings music/ disclosure project “Inquire Within”. Our King has amassed international viral fame for his songs and videos exposing their plots and agendas against our Collective Consciousness, our Planet and our Solar System. This is a war that will be won by raising awareness of our enemies existence/ plans as well as by increasing the love/ understanding that all beings have for one another.

So far our Kingdom has not entered the physical side of this battle, but King Brett and his Gnome army are ready at a moment's notice.

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