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Gnome is open and eager to build relationships with Nations big and small.
(scroll down to initiate these relations and to see the nations we have treaties with) 

The nature of these relationships will be built on a case by case basis. 
For any relationship to be built, the Kingdom requires the following;
- Your Nation shall have no laws or policies infringing on fundamental freedom of others. 

- Your Nation must not have laws or policies promoting hatred.

The Kingdom of Gnome does have the capacity and desire to form strong alliances, and treaties as well as establish Embassies. 

If you have a Micronation that has been established for less than 1 year, we can enter into a mutual friendship. Due to how many nations come and go, no treaties will be signed until your nation has been established for over 1 year. This will also allow us to have time to see what it is your nation truly stands for and how it interacts with the world.

In order to build a deeper alliance and enter discussions of treaties and Embassies; the Kingdom does require that your nation has been established for at least 1 year. 

Our Kingdom has many Gnomes that are ready to represent our Kingdom and travel to new lands, we are also willing to declare Gnomes already living in your nation an Ambassador between us.

If you are an ally Nation and would like to learn more about our Embassy program, click

Gnome does not desire or encourage War, but in certain cases we are willing to support Allies that we have a strong relationship with. Please note that we have no plans to ever engage in physical war. Wars that we would consider engaging in would be symbolic wars to help spread awareness for a greater good.


nations we have diplomatic relations with


as of:

February 19th 2021


as of:

February 21st 2021

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as of:

February 22nd 2021

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