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Citizenship For You AND GNOMES!


1. Every day you will do your best to be a better person than you were yesterday
2. You will do your part in making the world a better place for everyone

3. You will not bring shame to the Kingdom
4. You will treat all beings with great respect
5. You will take great care of all Gnomes living with you
6. You will liberate any Gnome that you see in distress

7. You will refer friends/ family/ Gnomes to join the Kingdom
8. You will actively participate in Kingdom of Gnome social media pages and groups
9. You will read through all pages of the Kingdoms website, to learn all you can about us
10. You acknowledge that upon submitting your citizenship request, you will join the Kingdoms official mailing list as well as the Kings personal mailing list (You can unsubscribe from these at anytime by hitting the unsubscribe button in the emails)

11. If you are subscribed to any music streaming services, you will follow the Kings music "Inquire Within"


Invitation to Leadership:

Guidelines for Mayors (all citizenship requirements must be adhered to as well):
1. Territorial Leadership: Declare your space a territory of the Kingdom, pledging to lead it with responsibility and a commitment to the Kingdom's ideals.
2. Community Engagement: Build and nurture a sense of community within your territory, encouraging collaborative efforts for common welfare.
3. Sustainable Practices: Advocate and implement environmentally sustainable practices, setting a standard for responsible living and stewardship of nature.
4. Cultural and Social Advocacy: Promote inclusivity and social responsibility within your territory, ensuring a welcoming and safe environment for all.
5. Active Governance: Govern your territory with diligence and integrity, ensuring it aligns with the Kingdom's standards and objectives.
6. Communication and Collaboration: Keep in constant communication with the Kingdom's central leadership, sharing updates and collaborating for mutual progress.
7. Peaceful Conflict Resolution: Manage disputes fairly and empathetically, upholding peace and justice in accordance with the Kingdom's principles.
8. Outreach and Inspiration: Represent the Kingdom proudly, inspiring others through your example and inviting them to join our community.
9. Annual Reporting: Regularly report on your territory’s developments, challenges, and successes, contributing to the Kingdom’s overarching mission.
10. Adherence to Kingdom Laws and Citizen Requirements: Ensure that all Kingdom laws and proclamations are followed in your territory, and adhere to all requirements listed for becoming a citizen.

Step into a role of profound significance by becoming a Mayor in the Kingdom of Gnome. This opportunity allows you to transform your land or living quarters into a territory of our global community, marking a commitment to impactful and responsible leadership. As a Mayor, you'll be part of something much larger than yourself, contributing to a collective vision focused on harmony, community betterment, and global awareness.

By becoming a Mayor, you're undertaking a role that goes beyond conventional leadership. You're committing to the betterment of your community and the world, aligning with a vision that transcends borders and traditional boundaries. Your leadership will be a testament to the values of unity, respect for nature, and a commitment to making a tangible difference in the world. Join us in this pivotal role and help steer the Kingdom of Gnome towards a brighter, more harmonious future.

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