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Brett Larsen

Founder of Gnome
Protector of Gnomes
Ambassador of Extraterrestrial Contact


Born on the 14th of February, 1992
Our King has been a bringer of peace since the day of his birth. At the age of 15 Brett rescued a Gnome for the first time with a close friend. This sparked a local revolution of Gnomes being freed from forced yard labor. Friends, family members and others began freeing Gnomes on an regular basis and bringing them the to Brett to live in peace and safety, knowing that the day would come when he would have land for them to be free together. Before he was even 18, Brett had hundreds of Gnome refugees living with him. 

Our King has vowed to unite all peaceful beings of this reality. In 2013 Brett found international fame with his Music/ UFO Disclosure project, "Inquire Within". His songs are about finding inner peace as well as raising awareness of Government corruption, the UFO cover-up, awakening people to their true power and how to further evolve humanity through peaceful Extraterrestrial contact. This contact is through the protocols of Close Encounters of the 5th Kind (Human Initiated Contact). 

His music has had included Grammy Award winning artists and has been praised by celebrities around the world. Most importantly with his music, he partnered with the organization, "Trees For The Future". Through this partnership he has a portion of all Music/ Merchandise revenue go towards Reforestation efforts. To date over 12,000 fruit bearing trees have been planted in Africa, to help feed the hungry and feed the lungs of Earth.

In the Spring of 2020, Brett inherited his late grandfathers old wood carving kit and since then has been carving more Gnomes to bring into this wonderful world.

Our noble King has vowed that revenue that comes in from our Citizens will have a portion go towards Reforestation as well.

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