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Our Kingdom has claimed and conquered territories around the world (and moon)!
Through our Mayor program people from all corners of earth have gifted their land to the Kingdom.

North American Territories

Royal Home
Living quarters of the Royal Family
and their Gnome companions

.14 acres

Royal River Land

River of the Royal Family
1.25 acres

Royal Farm
Farmland of the Royal Family
13 acres

Mount Pilchuck
Visited by thousands of tourists and outdoor enthusiasts each year. Battle Ground of "The Gnome War". Resting Place of some of our Kingdoms fallen hero's. We are confident that some survivors are living happily on the mountain, just as they had dreamed of.
6,238 acres

Antarctic Territories


Thule Island
25,860 acres

59°27′S 27°18′W

Frozen Gnome Island
313.67 acres
61°23′44"S 55°51′12"W

Yeti Island
74.3 acres
61°31′34"S 55°40′21"W

Space Territories

Out of respect for the international community and the sacredness of outer space; all Space Territories of our Kingdom are currently open to all for exploration and study.

Moon Territory
1 Square Mile Surrounding:
20°48'45.54"N 25°59'50.89"W
(Coordinates of Moon Pyramid)

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